The first online international BBAT introduction course is completed!

In this special time, during the global pandamic of COVID-19, we are all challenged in our liveson many levels. In these times with limitations and restrictions it was time to turn on the heel and find a way to meet the need of the society. In January 2021 Liv Helvik Skjærven, on behalf of the NIBK, organized the first online BBAT introduction course. And it is to be considered to be a succes!

Online International Introduction Course in 


Norwegian Institute for Basis Body Awareness Therapy (NIBK), 

within the Specialty of Mental Health Physiotherapy

Monday, 11th – Thursday, 14th of January, (16hrs) 2021

The Online Introduction course was the first in 2021 and 14 PT s from different European and Asian counties participated in the 16hrs course spread on four days. The course showed BBAT to be possible to be presented online through zoom – when paying attention to several technical, camera and mic-aspects. 

PHOTO; Screenshot by: Agnieszka Czapnik, PT Poland/Belgium 

One of the 14 participants was so kind to share her experiences, which you can all read below:

Online International Introduction in Basic Body Awareness Therapy (16hrs), January, Monday 11th  – Thursday 14th, (16hrs), 2021. 

Course leader: Liv Helvik Skjærven, PT, PhD, Norway, NIBK/IATBBAT. The Intro-course had 14 participants: from Greece, Poland, Belgium, UK, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands. 

Reflection from participant in the BBAT Introduction Course

Working as a physiotherapist in mental health care, I often observe in my patients lack of body – mind connection. Since schizophrenia affects all domains of daily functioning, the treatment cannot be restricted to only one of them. It has to address a whole human being. I asked myself, how do I work towards “the whole” of the segmented body? Also, am I present in my body as a therapist? Applying for the Online International Introduction in BBAT, I was searching for answers to those questions. I was also looking for structure, a concrete tool to use in my daily clinical practice. 

Signing up into an online course can be risky, especially if floor – work is a dominant component! I was hesitating about the digital formula influencing the quality of the (practical) experience. It surprised me how intimate connection we created as a group, although each of us was alone thousands of kilometres away. Despite of the computer wall, we related to each other, although in such a different way! 

Online platform was used efficiently not only as a connecting tool. Besides the community experience, it also delivered a quality experience (of BBAT). We built up a significant foundation of a theoretical framework, getting to know specific vocabulary and evaluation scale. The most important knowledge came though from the experience – from smooth gliding movements up and down, from rhythmical bouncing and switching off the busy mind, tuning into the body instead.

It was a process, where I learnt from my own experience as much as from the others, listening to diversity of their stories. Although we represent a set of universal characteristics as a human kind, we differ person to person. We experienced unity in different perception of the same movements. 

It was also a process, where I observed how familiarity and structure allowed me to freely experience the movement (itself). Although simple and repeated in daily life, the movements tasted new to me. They were new to me on Monday, then again on Tuesday and they still surprised me on the very last day of this course!

It takes time and effort to get in touch with yourself. It takes attentive listening to your body. It finally takes courage to trust that the movement is within you. 

BBAT brings along the opportunity to self – development and in the same time, a very concrete tool to be implemented in a clinical practice. Above all, it works even through an online platform. Connection with a group is important but the most important is the one you made – tuning your body and mind.

21.01.2021 Belgium/Poland, Agnieszka Czapnik (s)

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