Apply for online education, introduction course BBAT 

for English-speaking authorized, graduated physiotherapists 

SEE attached POSTER describing the BBAT INTRO COURSE 

The introduction will provide overview and initial experiences in the BBAT movement principles, its theory, clinical implementation and core literature.

An Online Introduction Course in BBAT will be arranged November 2021, Monday the 8th till Thursday the 11th. Application date: as soon as possible, but with deadline October 26th, 2021:, submitting: (1) Your name, (2) address, (3) email, (4) signed copy of physiotherapy authorization. You are welcome to take contact if application date is passed, asking if participation is still possible. Max 12-14 participants. Payment: 250euro pr. participants; Invoice and bank-information will be sent you. Deadline for payment 1st November. No refund after that date. 

The online introduction includes 16 hours, during one week, four sessions/days, each of 4 hrs, 1300-1700, Monday till Thursday, Norwegian time. The course is presented through the zoom-online system: The zoom-address is sent to you about one week before start. Download the zoom application before start. 

To get Certificate: You must follow the total 16hrs course, from start till end, fully participating in the BBAT movement awareness practice in floor-work.

Practical details concerning the floorwork of self-experiences in lying, sitting, standing, relational movements, walking  will be provided.  

For general information regarding course-content, (1) see attached POSTER. In addition, (2) a specified time-schedule is sent before start together with references etc. Course material is sent about 1weeks before course start.

For future planning: The course can be adapted according to time-zone. In addition: The 16hrs can be organized during two weeks, 2 days (8hrs) pr. week.   

Be welcome to join the Introduction Course in BBAT! 

For further questions, contact: 

Kind regards 

Liv Helvik Skjærven, PT, PhD, Professor Emerita

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